All About Me Acrostic

Students can find fun letters for their name by using the built in “Photos From Web” function in the Pic Collage app. For example, enter “Letter D” in the search box to find fun pictures of the letter “D”. Students find and add all the letters of their name and then add the text boxes to complete the acrostic.ipad-all-about-me-acrostic




Frog Lifecycle Picture QR Codes for Scanning

Teachers print and post this page in class for students to scan with their iPads. Students can use a free or paid QR code scanner to quickly access the websites without having to type in the website’s urls.





Frog Lifecycle Pictures Mini Poster

Students use “Pic Collage” to create the frog lifecycle. Students add text boxes, images, and arrows to create their mini poster. Students can find a variety of arrow pictures by searching internet images for “arrows.”


Personal Timeline with Popplet

Students create a personal timeline using the iPad and the free or paid version of the Popplet app. Students use the camera on the iPad to take a picture of themselves to use for their personal timeline. Students create a “popple” box and import their picture from the ipad camera roll. Students create a sequence of textboxes, “Popples” to create their personal timeline using titles and information about their past, present and future.




All About Me – A Creative iPad Picture Collage

Students use their creativity to create an “All About Me” picture collage using the iPad and the free app “Pic Collage”. Students can take a pictures of each other with the iPad camera to use for this collage. Students can use various text styles, fonts, colors, images, and backgrounds to decorate their collages. Students add information about themselves such as things they can do, things they like, their friends’ names, and fun / interesting facts about themselves. Students save and print or share.