Monster Physics

Build intricate, working contraptions with over 68 different parts including wheels, rockets, propellers, cannons, magnets, claws, wings and more. Choose from different materials including metal, wood, plastic, rubber and ice. Connect parts together by welding them, drawing a rope or chain between them with your finger or using special dynamic joints to bring them to life.

Monster Physics comes with 50 missions for you to solve including simple tutorials as well as mind-bending challenges. Many of the missions are open-ended and can be solved with a wide variety of different solutions so you can play them over and over again. Players will learn problem-solving and creative-thinking skills while having tons of fun.

Bridge Building and Simple Physics

Explore the way forces help in building bridges from an iPad Simulation App called Bridge Constructor Playground. Various bridge structure to explore (triangle, curve, rectangle, etc) and types of materials (wood, steel, concrete, cable, etc) that may be used in building the bridge and learnt its effect on the construction. They also have a stress test to see whether their bridges can support the weight of the cars and/or trucks which drive across them.

Another iPad App that is good for the same learning activities is Simple Physics .

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